Toddler Masks
Toddler Masks
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Toddler Masks

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Eco-friendly 3D Face Mask Cotton with 2-Layers Cotton and a pocket for a filter. Versatile Dust Mask that's washable and reusable. Can support in protecting your face and respiratory system from dust and pollutants. Supportive with social distancing efforts.

Double layer of Cotton with filter pocket. Comes with 1x free filter. Wire nose bridge to mold to the nose. 

It’s 2020 and wearing a mask is no longer an option when social distancing is a requirement, however the decision is much easier to make when you have affordability, functionality and style.

100% Cotton Face Mask is great to use:
✓ indoors
✓ outdoors
✓ traveling
✓ work
✓ sports
✓ yard work and gardening
✓ house cleaning
✓ duct cleaning
✓ painting
✓ pet grooming
✓ to support with social distancing efforts (does NOT replace social distancing)

Our 2-layer cotton-blend, handmade in AUS, breathable face masks are:
✓ washable
✓ reusable
✓ eco-friendly
✓ affordable
✓ tailored to allow a nice contour around your nose
✓ double layer
✓ filter slot to accommodate filter size: 6.45 X 3.14inch

Our breathable, cotton fabric face masks are washable and reusable, making them a fun, eco friendly and affordable alternative to disposable masks. All of our masks are handmade, contoured to allow space for your nose and made with two layers of cotton fabric. Cloth face masks are perfect for cleaning, yard work, dusty projects, nail salons, pet groomers, traveling, or to help mitigate spreading germs. They can also be used over top of surgical masks for an extra layer of protection.

- Processing time is currently 10-14 business days

--> Please DO NOT leave your kids mask on whilst your child sleeps. 

→ Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and do not make any medical claims that our masks will prevent illness or disease. They are not medical grade and are not evaluated by any medical agency. We do not make any claims of illness or disease prevention, however the following study indicates how using masks, store purchased or handmade are recommended in helping reduce exposure of respiratory infections and allergies.